Lochaber Broadsword

These were posted to the highland-dance mailing list by Shiobhan O'Donnell

Debbi, Ngaire, Marnie and all other interested parties I wonder if this is the same as the versions that you have learnt. This is in Reel time.

Bow: to akimbo on count 8, bow 9 - 12, rise to 1st ball 13 - 16.
1st step: Small PDB right
Two side ward brushes left travelling towards the sword point left of you
Repeat contra
Two singlings towards the sword point to the right
PDB turn
Two Highcuts left/right
2nd step: Two sets of single crossing
PDB turn in the quarter
4 highcuts
3rd step: Side and Forward crossing Right and then left (NB 2nd position is over the sword end but 4th is not)
Forward crossing turn
Rock at the end
4th step: Facing direction of travel perform 4th on point to 3rd aerial over the sword end twice on the left foot and then contra
Then once on left and once on right
Rock while turning into the next quarter
5th step: Open PDB turn over sword end twice
PDB turn in the quarter
Finish. Final quarter: PDB turn spinning to starting point
Highcut at starting point

Please tell me what you don't understand because I know that some of this might not be clear. I will try my best to answer any questions as clearly as possible,

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